Top 6 Benefits of a Loft Conversion to your home

Increase the value of your home

According to Nationwide, a loft extension on your home would add an average of 21% to a home’s value, or £63,000 if the home was worth £300,000 before the work commenced.  According to Nationwide, you property’s value can increase on average by approximately £37,000.

Lower cost option – better value

The cost of a loft conversion can be considerably less than a full extension or moving to another property. Once the conversion is built, you could even start making money by renting the new space. You do not have to wait to sell the house, to see a return on your investment. For more information on the cost of a loft extension please see our article here.

Easy to carry out

Converting a loft is a relatively simple build and will take only a few weeks, with minimal disruption to your family life compared to other builds and the hassle and disruption of moving. Not to mention that several types of loft conversions do not even require planning permission.

Cheaper and simpler than moving

According to Telegraph home movers pay on average £10,000 to move into a new property, not including all the other potential costs of selling your property and buying a new one. A loft conversion avoids all these unnecessary expenses, and hassle with no need to, change jobs, schools or your local sandwich bar. See here for more information on the cost of moving verses an extension.

Increased natural lighting

Loft conversions add more natural light to your property with the right windows. More natural light coming into a property can reduce your energy consumption and is also great for improving  your productivity and overall health.

Multi functional

Building a loft conversion in your home is  a very versatile option you could choose to have it as an extra bedroom or bathroom, for an additional living area, an office or even a home gym or studio. The options are limitless!


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