The Loft Conversion Process

Week 1

  1. Erect scaffold
  2. 1st delivery on site
  3. Fit steel spreader plates & steel beams
  4. Install your new floor joists (this is completely independent from your existing ceiling joists)
  5. Put in any new supporting structural timber to finish the carcass of your new structure
  6. Strip roof where necessary and build your dormer
  7. Roofer will do 1st visit to leave your roof watertight once we have built your dormer

Week 2

  1. Build your new internal partitions including all noggins and patresses which support your new radiators & sanitary wear etc.
  2. Create new apertures and trimmers and install your new velux windows
  3. Roofer will be on site to complete coverings to flat roof, install lead flashings, tile in around dormers and velux windows.
  4. 1st fix plumbing and electrics.
  5. Install new windows/external doors.
  6. Install full insulation.

Week 3

  1. Plasterboarding
  2. Create opening and install your stairs
  3. All plastering work will be carried out to your loft and landing (where applicable)
  4. Any other external works apart from roofer (rendering gable etc)

Week 4 - 5

  1. 2nd fix carpentry, doors, skirting, architraves.
  2. 2nd fix electrics
  3. 2nd fix plumbing
  4. Fitted wardrobes (where applicable)
  5. Tiling (where applicable)

If you choose our full package which includes decorating and tiling this could add some time to the process, in most cases it is unlikely our conversions will run over 6 weeks.

We understand that everyone has different ideas and expectations and at different stages of the project we like to have dialogue to try and make your loft as bespoke as possible. Once your shell has been erected we will walk you around your great new space and discuss the finer details like the best place for all your electrical points, sockets switches, spot lights etc, your bathroom layout will be discussed and also storage solutions, where to have your eaves doors, maybe an extra cupboard… we can exchange ideas and make sure that it’s right for you!

We understand that it can be difficult to picture what your new converted space would be like and what you could gain, where your stairs would go and whether you would have enough space for an en-suite and wardrobes.

Initial Consultation

On our initial consultation at your property, we can do a 1st floor and loft survey which will give us all the dimensions we need to give you a proposed loft floor plan before asking you to commit to a deposit. This would be given to you with your free no obligation quotation.

Instruct Architect

Should you wish to accept our quotation and proceed, we will then instruct an architect to survey your house in order for architectural drawings to be drawn up for your loft conversion. At this point we ask for a deposit to be placed with us and the drawings will be completed within about 10 days.


We, unlike many companies always make sure that no work starts until you have the relevant certificates. Most conversions fall under permitted development and require no planning permission as such, but if you wish to sell your property in the future you will be asked for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC), the document is proof that your loft conversion was built lawfully, A Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) is not a mandatory document you must attain which is why most builders do not get these in place and start works without them, this certificate is proof that the works that have been done on the property are within its lawful boundaries. They take 6-8 weeks to arrive once the application has been submitted.

Now that's all the certificates and structural plans are in place were ready to get underway.


We try to do things a little differently. You may anticipate that in order to carry out your loft conversion, there will need to be major disruption to your day to day living, this is not the case. Once the scaffold is erected we  create access into the roof void, this will be the entry and exit point to carry out all of the conversion except for installing the stairs by that time it will almost be complete.

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