The Average Cost Of A loft Conversion In London

Are you considering converting your London attic into a bedroom, ensuite or workspace but not sure how much it will cost?

Given the current state of the property market and the lack of affordable suitable housing in London and the South East many people are looking at how they can make the most of the property they are in rather than selling and moving.

“Homeowners in London are 5x more likely to extend their home than move”-  a report published by insurer Hiscox has found, with loft conversions being one of the most popular choices.

So it’s little wonder so many people are asking the question: how much is a loft conversion in London? The answer: nowhere near what it costs to move. Take a look at our previous article which discusses the cost of moving here. (link to previous article)

The average cost of a loft conversion in London ranges between £30,000 – £50,000 but it could cost in excess of £60,000 if you have the space for a particularly large extension.

Generally speaking, London and the South East England are the more expensive places to get a loft extension, mainly due to increased labour, travel and material prices in the city.

Defining Factors

As a guide the the cost of a loft conversion in London will vary based on an number of factors;

  • The size of your attic and whether or not you’re extending the existing space with a dormer.
  • The existing quality and state of your loft.
  • The level of finish you’re looking for in your loft conversion.
  • Installing a bathroom or custom cabinets for storage in your loft, the cost will also increase.

Plainly speaking a simple Velux/rooflight conversion will be at the lower end, while any build that disrupts the original roof structure (for example a large Mansard conversion) will cost considerably more.

Of course, the only way to know exactly how much a loft conversion will cost, is to get a full survey of your first floor and loft space. Once dimensions have been worked out then a loft floor plan can be drawn up, and a quote put together. The main factors to consider with your loft conversion price will obviously be the size of your property, the shape of your roof and if you require dormers or Velux rooflights.

Let’s go back to our recent example in Romford. “We’ve decided to stay put in our semi-detached property, and, after finding out how much a loft conversion costs have decided to go for it. Our build is costing £30,000 and our house is worth £400k. If the research is correct, our London loft will have gained us a bedroom, plus also increased the value of our home to almost £450,000. All without the hassle (and expense) of moving.”

So, If you are wondering how much a loft conversion for your house would cost, why not get in touch and we can arrange a visit discuss your needs and give you a detailed, free no-obligation quote, and even Free floorplans.

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